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Dear Yuletide Letter

Dear author,

Thank you in advance for writing me a fic for Yuletide. My LJ won't be very good if you want to snoop around for extra info on what I like but my tumblr is here: which I regularly use. There's also my AO3 account, which I use a lot less.

I'm really easy to pleased and I really love all the fandoms I've selected. I've tried to give multiple prompts for each fandom (some were more successful than others) so pick the one you like best. I don't prefer any prompt over the other. They were listed as they popped into my head. The fandoms themselves are listed in alphabet order so don't worry about trying to figure out my favourite.

Any rating is fine but I prefer things with a happy ending. I'm a 'love conquers all' type of fan.

I like both gen and shippy fics. I do prefer canon pairings though so please do not include non-canon pairings unless I asked for it. In particular if you matched on X-23 please keep things gen between Laura and Remy.

Crossovers are fine as long as its with another 616 comic. For example, an X-23/Avengers Academy crossover would be totally cool but not GOTG crossing over with the MCU, Ultimates verse or any non-Marvel canon.

If you want to take something in more of an AU route that's fine. Some of the prompts might even encourage it.

Use whatever extra characters you need to use to make the story work. For example, if you matched on X-Treme X-Men and feel like you need to use Dazzler or Scott Summers, go ahead. Or if you matched on X-23 and need to use Logan or Jubilee that's cool too. Cammi, Chase or the others for Avengers Arena, the rest of the team in GOTG, etc.

The Fandoms
Avengers Arena - Nico Minoru, Nara, Cullen Bloodstone, Anachronism
You don't have to use all the characters. You can just pick whatever prompt you like the best. If you find a way to work in everyone that's cool too but not required.

1. Nico survived Murderworld, but that didn't mean the events didn't change her. Adjusting back to life with the rest of the Runaways has been difficult for her. Her powers are stronger than what they had been before and Chase is the only one of their friends who knows what it was like for them. Nico struggles to be the person she once was, but she's not sure if she wants to be that person anymore.

2. Villain of your choice resurrects Nara, turning her into a brainwashed minion. Gradually Nara's memories begin to return to her and she begins to fight for her freedom.

3. Cullen's and Aiden's relationship is in a mess after Avengers Arena. Aiden is still mourning Nara's death and blames Cullen for it. Cullen meanwhile despite almost being killed by him is still in love with Aiden. He wants to make things right between them, he just doesn't know how and Aiden isn't helping things.

Thoughts: I mean it when I say it doesn't matter to me what characters you decide to write about. I've always loved Nico since reading the Runaways and I really ended up liking the kids from the Braddock Academy which I did not expect since they new and unknown while I knew the other characters.

Since the series is over soon I fully understand that these prompts might be out-of-date by the time assignments go out. Just do the best you can if you match on this fandom.

- - -

Guardians of the Galaxy - Peter Quill, Mantis
1. Peter is believed to have died. Mantis however is the only one who knows the truth (thanks to her precognition abilities). The problem is everyone thinks she's in denial about Quill's death. Based with only a limited knowledge with what happened to Peter and how she saves him, Mantis sets out on her own to save Quill.

2. When Mantis is attacked by an unknown virus, Peter vows to stop at nothing to save her. He's on his own though because the Guardians are needed elsewhere and time is running out.

3. Peter's love life has burned out. Even the sexy aliens don't interest him the way they use too. Sure they're hot but he gets bored with them quickly. Eventually he realizes that Mantis is the only one who holds his interest. Mantis however is not interested in jeopardizing their friendship.

Thoughts: One thing I love is how in a recent issue (or at least recent as I write this), Peter goes to Mantis as soon as something is wrong. That tells me they're still really close even though Mantis currently isn't on the team. I do ship them. If you don't want to write them that way and just want them to remain friends I'm totally cool with that too since I really like the friendship they have in canon. Only one of the prompts is really shippy so just ignore that one if you're not comfortable writing Peter/Mantis. I'm totally fine with that.

I've read (and loved) both the 2008 series and the current one so go with whatever one you're most comfortable working with. I know some people don't care for the current series or haven't read the older one but I really do love both. So work with whatever run of the series you want.

- - -

X-23 - X-23, Gambit
1. Gambit is kidnapped and brainwashed and it's up to Laura to rescue him. Freeing him from captivity was the easy part but Laura finds it difficult dealing with a Gambit who no longer remembers her. Remy was always there for her when she needed him the most and Laura struggles with being unable to rely on him, while she finds a way to restore his memory.

2. For some reason Gambit's going away for a bit (X-Men mission, Thieves Guild stuff) and needs Laura to look after his kittens. The kittens don't really behave and mischief follows (maybe one of them goes missing). In the end the kittens decide that Laura's good for cuddling against.

3. It's Christmas time, but Laura doesn't understand the desire to celebrate. Fortunately Gambit's there to make sure she gets the Christmas she deserves.

4. Remy takes Laura to Mardi Gras. It is not the best idea he's ever had.

Thoughts: I really love the father/daughter relationship they have throughout the series. It would really be great with any of the prompts if that was an important part of the fic. I especially loved it when they were in Paris together and Laura accidentally hurt Gambit. Remy reading books all day to a distraught Laura really melted my heart.

You can ignore the kitten prompt if you haven't read Astonishing X-Men since that's where they have the most appearance/references (although they do have a cameo in Gambit #15).

- - -

X-Factor - Rictor, Shatterstar
1. Rictor and Shatterstar drop off baby!Star and all is right again. But what happens now? They can go wherever and whenever they want. X-Factor is gone. So there's no reason to return there. So where to do they go? It's really up to you, author, what you want them to do. They could decide to stay in Mojoworld or go back to Earth.

2. Rictor and Shatterstar took their sweet time returning to X-Factor after helping Rahne find her kid. Like really took their time. What happened during that period? Did they run into another enemy that Shatterstar insisted on fighting? Did they decided to simply spend some needed time alone together?

3. PWP. Shower sex is always good. Or maybe after a tough mission or something the guys can barely keep their hands off each other and as soon as they're back in their room one of them ends up shoving the other against the wall and they just start getting it on right there. I don't care who tops or bottoms.

Thoughts: Rictor and Shatterstar were the reason I started reading comics. They still hold a special place in my heart. I love that they're such dorks. I love that even when things get tough between them they work it out. I really can't give a favourite moment between them. Maybe this one? Because it was really great when 'Star explained how much he loved and needed Rictor.

They just make me so happy.

- - -
X-Force, Psylocke, Cluster
1. Psylocke has moved on with her life, she doesn't miss Cluster one bit. At least that's what she tells herself. When Cluster returns Psylocke doesn't know what to think. She wants to follow her heart, but she knows that could just lead to more heartache. Cluster meanwhile tries to do everything in her power to win Psylocke over.

2. Psylocke and Cluster decide they need a vacation from all the chaos surrounding their life. They decided to go away somewhere romantic (author's choice) but of course they can't get away without their past catching up to them. Maybe a villain decides to track them down, maybe Cluster just can't resist stealing something, maybe Fantomex is also vacationing at the same location. It's up to you to decides what happens.

3. Similar to Prompt #2 but nothing bad happens. It's just a cute, romantic and/or smutty vacation for Psylocke and Cluster. It doesn't even have to be a vacation, they could just be chilling at home or on a date.

Thoughts: I fell hard for Psylocke/Cluster. I keep hoping that Cluster will be returning to the series (if the upcoming covers are correct she will be). I want something where they're happy together. Something that either ignores or fixes how things ended between them. I think there's so much potential between them and since their relationship is new and brief I really don't mind what you decide to do with them.

- - -

X-Treme X-Men - Hercules, James Howlett
1. Hercules is dead but that's not going to stop Howlett. He's going to find a way to rescue his man and nothing will stop him. I would like a happy ending where Herc and Howlett are reunited with Hercules alive once more.

2. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Hercules and Howlett end up back in their own universe. Zeus isn't pleased to see them back and fucks with either Hercules or Howlett's mind to make them forget the other. The one who does remember then stops at nothing to make things right and in the end love conquers all. (It's also okay to not use Zeus and instead use another villain).

3. PWP. Something hot and dirty. Clothes being ripped off and with Hercules and Howlett not being able to get enough of each other.

Thoughts: I didn't expect to fall for them. But it was hard not too. They're just so cute together. And you can just feel how much in love they are. Whatever prompt you use, I want a happy ending. They deserve it.

Dear Yuletide Author Letter

EDIT: Author if you're still checking this, I'm so sorry for being late getting a reply back to Elyn. I was out of the country and there was no Internet at the place I was staying. Future fic is fine. By no AUs I meant space operas or wild west or everyone's a pirate story. I'll be around until the end of Yuletide now so if you have any further questions you need Elyn to ask, go ahead I can get back to her.

Dear Author:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to write me a fic. I'm fairly easy going and am bound to love whatever you write. I love all four of these fandoms and am excited for a fic in any of them. The fandoms were listed in alpha order so don't panic if you matched on the last one. :)

Yuletide LetterCollapse )



I decided to re-read Bleach. It really wasn't my intention to re-read the entire thing. I was only going to do the Soul Society arc but then I kind of kept going and when I caught up to the recent chapters I went back and read the pre-Soul Society chapters.

I did cheat a bit.

I skipped a lot of the fights in the Hueco Mundo arc. Especially once the fights with the Shinigami vs Aizen's group started. And I skipped all of Ichigo's training with with Xuction (mostly because it wasn't that long ago that those chapters happened). For the record, the Hueco Mundo arc is just as long and boring while quickly skipping them. I really don't know what Kubo was thinking during that arc.

What struck me the most however is how shippy the series is. I always knew it was a ship-happy series but there's so much more than I remember (or maybe it just seems that way, knowing who all the characters are now). It makes me wonder why the fandom is so damn wanky when it comes to shipping because there's so many options. If you randomly picked two names, you could probably find a scene that suggested subtext between those two characters. What's not to love about that?

Ichigo alone has a habit of picking up followers poor Chad has competition. There's Orihime, Ishida, Chad, Don Kanonji, Byakuya, Renji, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Rukia, Grimmjow, Riruka and others that I've probably forgotten. Ivan is probably going to be newest addition to the Ichigo harem.

Poor Ichigo, he's like the one character who shows an interest in no one. His only love is fighting. Kon gets more action in Ichigo's body than Ichigo (Ichigo really needs to start bathing immediately after Kon uses his body).

It's hard to believe that in five short years this series is going to be over.


Kingdom Hearts 3D

So there's a new trailer out for the next Kingdom Heart game.

You know, despite it being a pairing I don't read a lot of fanfic of (and I don't think I've ever written them) or view fanart, I really, really love Axel/Roxas. I always loved their relationship and how Axel would do anything for Roxas. I firmly believe that Axel was in love with Roxas in canon (although Roxas never knew). It's the only way that explains some of Axel's actions.

That's why I loved this part of the trailer:

Roxas: You promised us, right? That no matter how many times we left, you'd always be there to bring us back.
Axel: Ah, yeah.
Roxas: Got it memorized?

So. Damn. Cute!

I loved Roxas using Axel's catchphrase!

The part I loved most from the trailer though was SpoilersCollapse )

I'm going to start a marathon of Birth by Sleep and Re:coded this weekend. I still need to get through both games and I might finally get around to The World Ends With You too.

I'm really excited for KH3D since it involves knew content staring Sora and Riku instead of retelling old stuff or a prequel involving new characters. Plus it looks like the story is finally going to start moving towards KHIII. KHII was released 6 years ago so it's going to be at least 7 years between KHII and KHIII. I'm starting to get really impatient.

It's hard to believe a simple 10 minute trailer reviewed my waning love for KH, but it did!

D.N. Angel

When I started re-reading D.N. Angel I was under the impression that the series had ended. Apparently only Part 1 is finished and Part 2 hasn't even started yet.


I think my biggest surprised from the series is how much I ended up liking Risa. For most of the series, I could not understand what Dark saw in her. She was no where near as interesting as Riku and there was little to her character beyond being in love with Dark. But somewhere along the way she started doing more instead of blindly being in love with Dark. Her interaction with Argentine and her actions when she and Daisuke got stuck inside the mirror kind of made me like her more than Riku. I hope she gets more development in Part 2.

I have no idea where the story is headed but I hope it doesn't end with Dark disappearing. If you stop and think about it, his life sucks. I mean he can't exist until his latest host turns 14 and that host has to be male so if only female Niwas are born in that generation he has to wait until the next one (I question why Krad can have female hots but not Dark). And then he can only exist until his current host falls in love and has that love returned. The way things are going, Dark isn't going to even be around a year until he's gone again, waiting for Riku pops out some kids (and even then it has to be boys). Hopefully there's a way for both Dark and Daisuke to co-exist.


Retro Re-read

I finished Saiyuki Reload Blast. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that there are any scanlations after 2010 even though the series is still unfinished and (AFAIK) not licensed. I don't know if the series is on hiatus or what. I figure I'll look for raws at some point but I simply hadn't had the time yet.

Saiyuki Reload was enjoyable but a lot of it felt like filler. It didn't seem like they advanced very far in their journey west. With Reload Blast it looked like things were getting back to the main storyline but then the scans cut off just when things were getting real interesting.

Re-reading Saiyuki however made me decide to re-read other series. I'm calling the process 'Retro Re-read', even though 'retro' is probably going to be the wrong word since these series aren't that old but I figure if a TV channel called Teletoon Retro can air King of the Hill (which I didn't even know had ended until a month ago), I can use the word here.

Right now I'm reading D.N. Angel. I watched the anime ages ago and read some of the manga at the time but I really can't remember much.

Saiyuki re-read

I've been continuing my re-read of Saiyuki. I've breezed through the rest of the original and Saiyuki Gaiden and am currently on Saiyuki Reloaded.

Gaiden's ending was sad. You know it's going to happen though since Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren need to be reincarnated as Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo.

Whoever was in charge of their reincarnation needs to be fired since all three ended up with crappy lives until they met as adults. I could understand them ending up with crappy lives if they were being punished but by the end of Gaiden everyone knows that Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren were trying to stop Li Touten who was the real villain.

As for Reloaded I never read much of it before so I'm enjoying it. There's too much Hazel though and not enough Kougaiji. Kougaiji is far more entertaining as an non-evil antagonist who needs to oppose Sanzo's party for his own valid reasons. I am glad that he is no longer brainwashed.

Video Games

I did defeat 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors a few days ago. I keep planning on making a post about it but it'll have to wait until later since I've been distracted by other games lately. It was a really fun game and I ended up getting all the endings (thanks to some cheating).

One of the games I've been playing is Assassin's Creed. It's a lot of fun. I love climbing buildings and have a tendency to get distracted doing just that instead of my missions. I have two small grips about it though.

1) I think it would have been better if the plot was a straight story about being an assassin during the Crusades instead of it really being present day and this company is accessing your ancestor's memories which are hidden inside you. I get whiny every time the game cuts back to the present day.

2) I wish it was one of those games where you can pick the gender of the character you play. Because the only thing more awesome than playing an assassin during the Crusades would be playing as a female assassin during the Crusades.

The other game I've been playing a lot of lately is Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. And that game is so frustrating! The levels themselves are pretty easy and don't differ much from the other KH games. But the boss fights are so hard since the game play changes with every battle. Sometimes it's like an old school side scrolling game and other times it's like an old school RPG, and it is fun until you realize how hard the bosses are (mostly due to the fact you don't have access to all your special skills).

I'm trying to defeat Hades right now, but I don't see that happening anytime soon since I'm barely able to beat Cerberus. Hopefully the 3DS game reverts back to everything being smash as many buttons as possible.


Happy New Years!

Since I don't like loud noises and large crowds my "party" was basically watching movies, eating pizza and other junk food. We finished the second movie about five minutes before midnight which was when we realized that we forgot to get the New Years hats and noise makers out. There was a mad dash out to the garage to find the box. We returned with a minute to spare.

2011 was a good year for fandom. CLAMP alone finished both xxxHolic and Kobato. They started Gate 7 and brought Gouhou Drug out of hiatus. They also did the anime Blood-C.

I also discovered Tiger & Bunny in 2011 which renewed my love for anime (for the past few years I've just been reading manga).

Some Fanish Goals for 2012:

1. Play the PS3 more. I've always found the PS3 a bit intimidating since it involves more than putting in the game and turning on the power. Plus some of my favourite series from the PS2 (mostly Kingdom Hearts and Persona) have never released games for it. But there are some games I want to try, even though some are the type I don't normally play.

2. Play the PSP more. There are games I own which I haven't played a lot of (KH: Birth By Sleep) and ones I haven't played at all (FF: Dissida). I want to change that.

3. Watch some more anime. There are a couple I want to check out so hopefully I'll get around to it.

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